Red earrings collection

I recently posted a link to a collection of earrings I put up on Flickr but I didn't talk about any of the pieces in detail.

I like simple jewelry more than something extremely ornate so I constantly struggle with solutions to make interesting yet simple pieces. When it comes to earrings I find them difficult pieces to make because they usually end up looking too plain and something that pretty much anyone could make.
If I liked big earrings with lots of detail it would be easier to create interest but then I would end up with a collection of large chandelier earrings which are not to everyone's taste. So i took up the challenge, picked up my red beads box and decided to make a small collection of red earrings that had a bit more than just putting a couple of good looking beads together.

I don't normally make many pieces in red for some unknown reason and I so had a few beads that I didn't have any ideas for and I thought this was the right project for them. First I used some long thin rectangles that by themselves don't look like much.

I had used the green version of these beads to make a necklace before but the interest was created by the way I worked the wires between the beads, not the beads themselves which are there mainly for color.

I had also made matching earrings for that necklace. I liked the result but once again it was the twisted wire that got all the attention and not the bead so this time I wanted to try something different.

Red rectangle earringsBy making a wired cap for the bead I gave the illusion of it being more drop-shaped than rectangular and the coil at the front adds interest to an otherwise plain bead and makes it the focal point of the piece. The twist at the bottom and the cube give it a little extra spark and allowed me to make the whole earring with a single wire instead of having to use a loop to connect both beads. I used a cube to complement the rectangular shape of the main bead.
Red chandelier earringsI used the same cap for these half-red half-clear drops I had lying around but it wasn't enough to make an interesting pair of earrings so I added the oval frame and wrapped it in thin wire which adds texture to the frame and is also useful to cover the connection between the frame and the drop.

Red drop earringsThe cap and coil design was also used on these flat drops. Since the beads were larger it felt like I could leave them simply like that rather than complicate the design further.

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