Wire rings part 1

Purple crystal ring Coiled wire rings are my most popular items right now and they've become kind of a signature piece for me. To say they are absolutely original would be silly because it's almost impossible to make anything original these days, and coiled wire is certainly not something I came up with. But I have created these pieces with specific goals in mind, trying to improve on rings I had made or seen before and I feel the end result is something very personal and that I'm proud of.

Unlike earrings or necklaces which can fit almost anyone, rings come in all sizes and need to fit the finger perfectly. So when you make a design in small quantities or unique items you can't expect to guess what size finger a random person who may like your design will have.
It was very important to me to find a ring design that was adjustable and therefore able to fit just about anyone's finger, big or small.

I had seen coiled rings that I liked and I wanted to try the technique but apart from not being adjustable most of them also used two sizes of wire: one thicker wire to form the shape of the ring and a thinner wire wrapped around it.

The typical ring design goes like this: you wrap a thick wire (1mm ou 1.5mm) around a dowel a couple of times and then use the ends to attach the beads or wrap around a cabochon. Then you wrap the thinner wire covering the harness wire and keeping it in place.

After making a few drawings and experimenting for a bit I came up with the design for my coiled rings. By using 0.8mm wire instead of a thicker one I was able to compromise and use the same thickness for the harness and for coiling. This simplifies things because that means I can make the whole ring with a single wire, working off the coil. I don't have to measure or cut the wire until I'm done which allows for more freedom.
Also, by having the wire go through the beads and then come back down the same way, coiling around the first wire, I can make the rings adjustable because they are open on top. They can be loosened or tightened by pushing the wire against the finger making them very versatile.

And as an added bonus, the person wearing the ring can change its shape a bit, personalizing it.

By changing the quantity, shape or color of the beads I can make several different rings that look very organic and modern - actually the rings remind me a bit of something by HR Giger.
The end result is sturdy and confortable to wear. It's flexible but maintains its shape pretty well.

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