Web pendant

Web pendantAfter the mosaic pendant I decided to make something lighter in appearence, not so dense. I thought it would be fun to make a spider web shape so I chose an oval bead with some cut stripes for the focal because it looks a bit like a bug trapped in the web.

This time I used round glass crystal beads for sparkle and peridot, cat's eye and carnelian chips rather than beads for a more organic look.

Even though they are small chips, the natural stones add more interest than ordinary glass beads would and they work better and look better with the gaps between them - because of the way they catch the light - than they would if they were all packed tightly like on a mosaic pendant.

The frame is completely wrapped in thin wire to add some texture and give it a more finished look. It takes forever to do but it looks really good in the end.

I felt quite pleased at the end result. The piece is a bit gothic but it's also fun in a way.

Pendant available at Stuffed Squares.

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Adopção Animais said...

Um trabalho muito bonito e com muita leveza...