Aluminum braid bracelet

Aluminum braid braceletI've never been much for recycling materials for my jewelry because I like to start with new, clean stuff but I had this braided aluminum sleeve that I striped off some coaxial cable and it looked so cool that I wanted to make something pretty with it. I washed it thoroughly and then used it to envelop some gold foil glass beads, dividing each one from the next with some brass wire. I also used brass wire as the skeleton for the piece, allowing it to keep its shape and forming the clasp and hook.

Tying and cutting the ends of the thin aluminum wire turned out to be a bit of a problem because it's not easy to cut all the wires completely flush and some would have this little end sticking out that could sting the person wearing the bracelet. I solved this problem by applying epoxy resin to the ends of the bracelet, thus covering the tips of all the little wires and protecting the wearer.

It was such a fun project that I made a maching necklace. For the necklace the skeleton wire ends in a loop at each end to which I connected 3 thin chains. I braided the chains to match the braided sleeve and bring together the design.

I'd never tried braiding chain before but it looks really cool and it's hard to tell how it's done just by looking at it.

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