Knitted wire necklaces

Butterfly knitted wire necklaceEver since I've heard of knitting wire I've wanted to try it. I never liked knitting wool much but wire is stiffer and can be shaped after it's knitted, so it seemed to me a lot more interesting and versatile.

I made a couple of knitted necklaces to go with a couple of pendants I had done: one is a butterfly pendant made from black drops with some crackle beads as the body and head, and the other was a crystal ball - another technique I wanted to try out.

I added the beads to the wire before starting to knit. I added more beads than I knew I would need because once you start there's no way to add more. It wasn't as hard as I thought to knit the necklace. I'd read about people complaining that it hurt their hands but I'm so used to bending thick wire that this actually felt like taking a break :)

The butterfly necklace turned out really well. It's very neutral and when you put it on it looks a bit like you're wearing a lacy scarf, the kind ladies would wear with empire-cup dresses.

Crystal ball knitted wire necklaceThe crystal ball necklace is more of an evening look. It's shorter and a lot more sparkly but also looks very light, as knitted necklaces usually do. I finished it with a fancy handmade clasp to give it a little extra interest.

I loved the technique and am already making another one, this time with pure silver wire and semi precious stones.

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