Silver cabochon rings

I bought a few cabochon gemstones at a crafts fair last year and it took me a while to decide what to do with them. The stones felt too small for pendants and so the obvious choice would be to make rings. I struggled with the ring design for a while until I found the right one.
The frame is made from 0,8 square silver wire and I used the same net technique from the previous beach glass set to secure the stone. I used fine silver wire instead of sterling for the net and I know it's not as resistant or as hard as sterling silver, but it worked pretty well and it doesn't unravel as easily as I had feared.
The ring frame has the added advantage of leaving the back of the stone completely uncovered, allowing the light to shine when you look through the stone.
You can see the other rings and more pictures on Flickr or my store

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Vera said...


O meu nome é Vera e queria dar-te os parabens pelo teu trabalho, tens coisas simplesmente fabulosas.
Aproveitava para te pedir um favor....hehehehe, dizias-me qual a técnica que utilizas para fazer essa teiazinha que prende a pedra nestes aneis.:-)
Obrigado e mais uma vez Parabens.