Tumbler and solder

I've been making jewelry for a few years now and yet I didn't have a tumbler to polish it. I finally got a small one and am very pleased with it.

After reading up on the subject I settled on a Lortone 3A kit that comes with soap and steel shot. I also bought a polishing compound to add to the mix for extra sparkle and so far I can't complain about the results.

Since I don't have much experience on the subject I'm a bit afraid to over-harden the silver so I don't let the pieces tumble for much more than an hour. I have to study a bit more on that subject to figure out how much time is OK and how much is too much.

I've also started soldering recently. My first soldered ring was fine, the second melted and the third had too much solder on it so I spent ages filing it all away. The main problem was that I used a solder strip instead of solder paste, much more appropriate for jump rings. I've since bought the solder paste and the second try went much better. This time I also used a charcoal base so I managed to solder at a lower temperature that didn't melt the rings.


Vânia said...

Uau!!! Também ando a estudar preços para comprar um tambor de polir. Posso saber onde compraste o teu? Quanto às soldaduras, é mesmo assim, no inicio é complicado, mas com os utensílios correctos, a teoria na cabeça e alguma prática chega-se lá ;)


Dee said...

O meu tumbler veio da Cookson Gold (cooksongold.com)mas se quiseres comprar localmente acho que são capazes de ter na Lima e Teixeira em Lisboa, só que não devem ser tão pequenos.

Vânia said...

Obrigada, realmente na Lima e Teixeira são enormes. Eu procuro pequeno e em conta. Até breve ;)