Citrine drop earrings

Citrine drop earringsI used the handmade pins from the previous post to make these earrings. The focal bead is light yellow citrine quartz and the smaller stones are peridot, aventurine, tourmaline and mother of pearl.

I love the light citrine beads. I know it's more common to like flawless, color intensive stones, and I do as well but I also like the paler tones and the texture some of the inclusions can give a stone, specially on these really clear ones. I think it gives them a bit of character and makes it quite obvious, even to the untrained eye, that this is a real stone and not a bit of plastic.

I used wrapped loops to make the connections more secure. The wrapped wire spiral on top of each bead also adds to the texture of the piece and, as a bonus, allows me to use all the wire in the pins so there's no wasted silver.

The hooks are handmade from 0,8mm sterling silver wire.

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