New wire rings

New ringsI've decided to try colored wire to make some coil rings. The color surface is a bit fragile but the colors are so beautiful and shiny that's it's a really tempting material to use. I used colorful wood beads as a focal point for the rings and the contrast between the materials - rough and smooth - works really well.

I also used this wire to make a chain maille bracelet in a variation of the japanese weave. It took days and was really hard work because the jump rings were tiny but the result is quite lovely. I tumbled the bracelet after it was done, to work harden the wire a bit more because I was afraid the smaller rings would open too easily and to get rid of some burrs they might still have. I feared the tumbler would remove some of the color coating but it didn't.

There's a picture of the finished bracelet here.

I'm considering buying the colored wire in thicker gauges to make chain maille because I really love the way you can make patterns by using diferent color jump rings in a weave and it eliminates the need for beads as decoration.


White Swan said...

So Cute and Beautiful..!
Could you teach me how to make that please?..:D

Dee said...

Well, it's harder to explain than it it to make one of these rings.
Basically you just run 20g wire through the bead (0,8 mm), leaving a tail on one end about 10 to 15 cm long. The longer end, that I use straight from the coil, wraps around the bead a couple of times to frame it and then coils around the wire tail that comes out on the other side of the bead until all the wire tail is covered.
Then you just wrap the coiled tail around a finger-sized dowel a couple of times, ending under the bead, coil the end and pull it over the bead to finish.
I don't know if it's clear enough but I hope it's enough to get you experimenting :)