New knitted necklaces

Knitted necklaces I recently sold the last of the knitted necklaces I had made last year so I started making new ones. This time, instead of scattering random beads along the necklace and adding a pendant for the focal, I had fun making a mosaic at the center of the necklace with some 4mm cube beads I've had for ages.

The blue necklace in the center was the first. I tried making the mosaic as a sepate piece and then weave it into the necklace later. I like the look of it but it has a more antique feel than the others. Since the other cube beads were all in very bright colours, I thought that making the mosaic part of the main knitted band would give it a lighter and more modern look.

My favorite is the one on the bottom right corner since it's the most colorful and shinny of them all. The one just under the shell necklace was made using optic fiber beads and was claimed by a friend as soon as it was done. It's also colorful but a bit more discreet because the colours are not as bright as the ones frem the glass beads.

The necklace on the bottom left corner was an experiment using a diagonal mosaic rather than a square one and I think it looks great on the neck.

Finally, the shell necklace. For a while now I've been trying to come up with a good way to use the shells in jewelry. I wanted a natural look but something more interesting than just stringing.
I felt that knitting might be the solution but the silver wire seemed too cold for use with the shells. One day I tried knitting with crochet thread and I liked the colour and texture of it but the shells were too heavy and they pulled the thread, deforming the pattern. The solution was to use both wire and thread at the same time. I'm really pleased with the result and am working on another one using pale blue thread.

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