Wire wrapped bracelet

Sterling silver and turquoise braceletI've spent some weeks making a new line of my less expensive glass and silver plated wire jewelry for the stores that carry my stuff, but then I received an order of really yummy natural stones and so I couldn't resist making a few sterling silver pieces as well.

Yesterday I finished a wire-wrapped bracelet with some chinese turquoise beads that I like a lot. I feel that I should have twisted a couple more wires but on the whole am pleased with the result.

I've also made a few new earrings using some of my favorite stones - aquamarine and peridot rounds and some orange carnelian faceted rondelles.

aquamarine earringsI'm completely in love with aquamarine beads, even without the supreme clarity of fabulous gemstone quality beads so I couldn't resist making another pair, this time using some faceted ovals framed by faceted rondells of aquamarine, peridot and apatite - another stone with an amazing blue color.

I wasn't sure how many pendants to add as a crown - should I go overboard, and add duzens of beads, like the cascades from some of the fabulous passementerie earrings or leave them a bit more discreet? I opted to add just enough beads to make the crown flare out a bit but to not make the earrings look too heavy. If I change my mind I can always add more later on.

I made the hooks and the headpins but didn't have the time to remove all the firescale before completing the earrings (incompatibilities regarding the noise of power tools and a sleeping baby). I did that today and took another picture that shows the finished pair looking much better than in the picture shown here.

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