Experimenting with sheet metal

Silver sheet and number punchesI ordered some sheet metal to try and make some rings. I've only worked with wire up to now and felt it was time to try something new.

My first project is a ring with a sheet metal back and a knitted front with sapphire rondelles. I knitted the front some time ago and was waiting for the sheet metal to arrive to finish the ring. Unfortunately I'm missing a Dremel accessory to be able to drill the holes I need in the silver sheet so it'll be a few more days until I can get it done.

In the meantime I decided to try another one of my purchases - number and letter punches. Since I use both 835 and 925 silver I wanted to use the number punches to mark the pieces I make so I can tell them apart when they're done. It's not an official hallmark, obviously, but it's useful to me. Unfortunately the number set I bought was too big - I knew I should have bought the 1mm set instead of the 2mm but I was influenced by a negative review. Damn. I hate wasting money like this.

The letter punches are also 2mm but these will have other uses: I can write messages on the outside of the rings or the owner's name - text that's meant to be read so it's OK if it's a bit bigger.

I'll need, however, to practice getting all the letters in a straight line and spacing them properly. It's harder than it looks.


Cindy said...

I love your early work with the wire wrap rings. I have been working with wire for about a year and can't wait to start experimenting with sheet metal. Your work is awesome!

Dee said...

Thanks, Cindy. Good luck with your experiments :)