Spring berries bracelet

It's been raining all day so I made a colorful bracelet to cheer me up. It's more appropriate for a spring collection than fall but I don't really care :)

The design has a nature theme, kind of like a berry bush or a creeper plant and I chose carnelian beads for the berries, perdidot and aventurine for the leaves and rhodochrosite for the small flowers. The wire is silver and I thought about oxidizing it at first but I think it might be too dark after all so I'm leaving it shiny for now.

I love these plant-type pieces and had made a necklace in the same line a few years back with brass wire and glass leaves. I used onlye blues and greens and the space between the beads was much wider, making it look lighter but the basic idea is the same. The necklace also had a leaf-inspired clasp that I still like. I didn't do that for the bracelet because it looks better if it's a wide uninterrupted band all around the wrist instead of having a big gap for a clasp.

There are many possible variations within this nature-inspired model - using small pearls for a bridal version, making side branches of different lengths, and so on - and I plan on making more along the same lines.

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