Dangle drop earrings

Of all bead shapes, my favorite are the drops. They're great for earrings and look wonderful with a crown of tiny beads.

Since I've recently bought a few now drop in my favorite gemstones - aquamarine, amethyst and citrine - I started making dangle earrings to show them off.

I made the citrine pair yesterday and I think they look really cute. They're not as long as the sky blue quartz earrings I'd made previously so they're also a lot lighter, which can be a concern for some people.

I used to make the ball headpins (with a torch) but I found that it wasted too much wire because you have to cut the pins to a certain length before balling the end. Now I've just been bending the end in a U shape or a small spiral, thus allowing me to work from the wire coil and using only the amount of wire I really need and I don't dislike the end result, though I admit the ball does add a more perfect finish to the look.

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