Picture Locket

I've been playing around with polymer clay again and I liked the idea of transferring black and white images onto the clay. It's a simple process, though you have to practice a little bit because it's easy to rub the ink off along with the paper if you're not careful, and the result is an antique-looking image.

You can make just a pendant out of if and I thought about using pictures of my children to try it out, but since I have two I didn't want to have to choose just one and getting a picture of the both of them is not an easy feat.

All this thinking got me to the conclusion that the best option for what I had in mind would be to make an old-fashioned locket since I could place both pictures inside. I was inspired by a picture of an icon box (you can check out my inspiration board on Pinterest) and made my locket out of copper-colored polymer clay.

I textured and aged it with acrylic paint and applied a gloss varnish. The pictures were transfered onto light flesh-tone clay. I used a natural stone cabochon on the cover, thread to bind both pictures and a lobster clasp to close it and also on top to attach it to a necklace, key-chain or anything else I want.

It turned out a bit larger than I had planned at first - 4 cm - because I didn't anticipate the inside frame when I started making it, but since it's polymer clay, it's still quite lightweight. I plan to make a simpler version next and maybe a round one instead of square.

I think these lockets are a great idea for moms, especially if they like antique-looking objects, since they can have an original piece of jewelry and also pictures of their kids all in one.


FPMR said...

Onde é que encomendo um? Está na loja?

Dee said...

Este não está na loja porque fiz para mim, com fotos dos meus filhotes, mas posso fazer por encomenda. Envie-me um email para deecaria@gmail.com para combinar mais pormenores.