More resin jewelry

After all those sprinkles I decided to make resin pieces with other objects inside. I can't tell you how much fun it is.

What I've learned in the process is to plan the placement of the objects if you're going to have to drill later. Glass, metal and other hard objects will not be easy to drill through and in some cases I opted for wire wrapping the whole piece rather than drill to insert a bail.

Cupcake pendants with sprinkles inside

Ocean themed pendants.
There are air bubbles in these but I like the effect
because it looks like the objects are under water.

Paper inserts.
These were a fail because the paper wasn't sealed properly.
I diluted the wood glue with water and I shouldn't have.
Still, they look nice, aside from the unseemly blotches. 

Paper clip pendants.
The one on the left turned a golden yellow because I added
some nail polish to the resin.It gives it an aged effect. 

Another heart with sprinkles and a Steampunk inspired pendant.
I made a bezel and dropped some watch parts into the resin.
I added color to the first layer of resin and then added extra
clear layers on top to dome it. I used plastic watch part since
this was meant as a first experiment and i didn't want to risk
ruining the better metal ones :)

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